Meet Our Leadership Team

Larry Gaynor — President & CEO

Larry started TNG in 1985 with a vision to give manicurists what they wanted. He continues to set TNG apart by taking a hands-on approach with sales strategies, supplier engagement and securing the most innovative products.

Teresa Gaynor — Vice President

Teresa has been a part of the TNG team since 1985. Her focus rests with human resources, customer satisfaction and employee engagement.

Dawn Kuhn — Chief Financial Officer

Dawn has over 20 years experience in finance management with oversight experience in: Acquisitions, investment strategy, economic forecasting and international business affairs. She joined TNG in 2003 and was an integral part of the SAP implementation, training and troubleshooting process. Dawn focuses on cost saving initiatives and management development. As a Gallup-trained facilitator, she also dedicates time to employee engagement strategies.

Jim DiMarco — Vice President of Marketing

Jim has managed and mentored hundreds of individuals in all aspects of business. Since joining TNG in 2009, his time has been dedicated to marketing, print management, manufacturing and sales.

Gaye Wanner — Vice President of Logistics

Gaye has more than 25 years experience in transportation and logistics management. Upon joining TNG in 1996, she has been instrumental in the development of TNG’s distribution center network, warehouse management systems and overall logistics infrastructure. She focuses on materials shipments.

Dustin Holmstrom — Vice President of e-Commerce & IT

Dustin has over 15 years experience building high-volume, high-performance system/application design and software. He joined TNG in 2012 and is committed to maintain outstanding B-2-B and B-2-C relationships, real-time integration with REP systems and maintaining access for our distributed workforce.

Debra Herr-Dempsey — Director of Stores

Debra is a retail operations management professional with extensive background in the highly-competitive field of retail, B-2-B and B-2-C goods. Debra joined TNG in 2009 with over 20 years experience in developing highly-productive teams utilizing strength-based leadership in a positive, team-building atmosphere ranging from large physical plants to multiple facilities.