Larry Gaynor — President & CEO

Larry Gaynor founded tng worldwide (TNG) in 1985 and is the President and CEO. He had the vision back then for what manicurists wanted and set out to meet those needs. With only three employees, Gaynor produced a 16-page black and white catalog, installed an 800 number for orders, developed the Gold Card (now Nailco Rewards) and introduced the first nail show outside of California.

Gaynor leads TNG with its mission of providing 100% Customer Success. For 30 years he has served the industry through close relationships, personal service and expertise. In 2001 he was named Ernst & Young’s Michigan “Entrepreneur of the Year.” TNG has earned the Detroit Free Press "Best Workplaces" award since 2008. Gaynor also brought Gallup principles to TNG creating a strength-based organization. Every talent knows their signature themes and they are used to enhance engagement with other talent and customers.

Today, TNG continues to be a leader in distributing and manufacturing within the beauty and hospitality industries. Gaynor created TNG's signature brands including Bamboo Towelette Works, Beauty Mask Works, be PRO, black 15in1, ForPro, Ginger Lily Farms, Konjac Sponge Works, MassagePRO, Paraffin Wax Works, Pure Essential Oil Works, Pure Himalayan Salt Works, Sonic Tool Works, TISPRO and XHI Professional Works to help meet the needs of its customers.

Gaynor and his wife Teresa (Vice President) encourage a strong connection and commitment to investing back into the community. TNG is a Five-Star Investor with the American Cancer Society and has raised more than $2 million. In addition, TNG participates in annual blood drives to support the American Red Cross and is an avid supporter of Forgotten Harvest.

Gaynor has three children and two grandchildren. He enjoys running, yoga, Texas Hold ‘Em, cooking and reading in his free time.

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